Planning Commission to review CUP
October 16, 2016
Groundbreaking Ceremony for ICC Site Development
May 20, 2018

CUP Approval Moves Us a Giant Step Closer to Breaking Ground

The Riverside County Planning Commission has unanimously approved the issuance of a CUP (Conditional Use Permit) for the Idyllwild Community Center project.  The process now moves to the Board of Supervisors review, possibly as early as January 10, 2017.  We are so grateful for the “dogged” determination of architect Jim Marsh and designer Robert Priefer. 

Simultaneously, the Design Team is moving forward with the selection of a General Contractor for Phase 1.  Bids are due January 6, 2017 from five candidates who have expressed interest or requested bid documents.

Concurrently, Riverside County Economic Development Agency is reviewing the ICC response to the request proposal for management of CSA 36 Funds. The decision is expected within the next two weeks. If ICC is awarded management, recreation programs will be managed by members of the Idyllwild community. Local oversight of recreation has long been a goal of hill citizens. There will be no programming changes for the next 6 months, giving the ICC board a chance to observe and evaluate the effectiveness of the offerings and gather input from the community.

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